Adding machine Better job performance doesn't just add up, bit by bit. It is the product of better work design, more effective incentives, better training, and more ability.

If any of these components is missing, performance is nil. That's why it pays to design a training system as a component of a performance system.

Improving Performance

Whether it's the ease of use of your products or the productivity of your employees, improving their performance can pay big dividends. There are a number of ways to climb higher on the performance curve, but they all rely on good designs, built on good analyses.


The most important feature of our solutions is good design. A good design is the foundation for every quality product, be it a toaster or a training program. The design determines if the product will be:


We believe that good designs don't happen by accident. They are the product of a balanced approach that draws on a number of distinct knowledges:


It rarely happens that one person knows all the answers. An important part of our job as designers is to know what information is needed, locate it, validate it, and structure it coherently.
In the course of developing solutions to performance problems, we build two knowledge structures, and constantly adjust one to match changes in the other:

REQUIREMENTS (desired outcomes) RESOURCES (available inputs)
Tasks to be mastered Subject-matter experts
Goals to be achieved Worker abilities
Performance criteria Budget for development & implementation
Retention of skills Time for development
Transfer of training Training delivery systems
Records & reports Previous training
High workforce morale Motivated workers
Adaptability to changing conditions Worker availability for training
Rapid performance improvement Incentives

In our view, compelling designs to complex problems are not achieved by applying a universal, step-by-step process. When so many inputs affect so many outputs, only a comprehensive and dynamic viewpoint will provide an effective solution in a reasonable time. This method requires designers with strong systems analysis skills, and proven field experience. That's where we come in.


Good systems are built with good tools. We have a large collection, acquired over the last 25 years. By maintaining capabilities "in-house", we avoid spending project time on locating resources or installing new equipment :

About Peacham Pedagogics

Peacham Pedagogics designs, develops, and evaluates human performance and interactive training systems for its clients. We specialize in using computers and computer-controlled audiovisual devices to teach and evaluate skills and concepts that are hard to teach in any other way.

Our instructional systems can provide stand-alone instruction at remote locations, or they can be integrated into existing training systems, producing hybrids: a classroom course with simulations, or on-the-job training with an emergency procedures trainer.

We also provide related technical and instructional products and services, ranging from policy-level needs analyses to detailed system specifications and documentation.


How may we help you? For more information, or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us at:

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