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Peacham Cybernetics, making available many years of experience in information technology.

Peacham Cybernetics provides computer expertise to firms in Silicon Valley. Our experience covers a number of areas, including Mainframes, Database design, Windows, Java, HTML, PC administration, and Security. We have also been called upon for Litigation Support.

Ed at work Peacham Pedagogics, specializing in training, computer-assisted education, and the intricacies of the man-machine interface.

Peacham Pedagogics, located in central New Jersey has helped many companies to generate appropriate, focused and effective training programs for all levels and sizes of audience.

Peacham Translations, provides technical translation between English and German.

University level scientific papers, especially in the natural sciences, medical science, engineering, anthropology, geography and other fields expertly and rapidly translated. We can also put you in contact with native speakers of other languages providing similar services.

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